Drawing from a wide palette of influences as diverse as Miles Davis’s “Sketches of Spain” and Nine Inch Nails’ brooding classic “The Downward Spiral”, Tenuous Threads is at home with the atypical.

“I write and perform all the music on the tracks myself. I draw from a wide range of influences and I get bored with a specific genre very quickly. That is why I make music that is stylistically disparate. For my latest EP, I wanted to be able to tie the tunes together in some way so I came up with the idea of using the lyrics to unify the songs. I was inspired by nordic noir to develop a narrative that explored the emotional roller coaster of a girl who has been abducted and held prisoner. Each track on Mettle explores a different phase of her psychological journey, from her abduction to her eventual escape…”

From his obscure vocal melodies to his moody, layered musical arrangements, Tenuous Threads displays a forward-thinking, post-genre approach on new EP ‘Mettle’, out June 6th, 2021 on digital platforms.



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